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November 28th, 2009 dogchews Posted in Dog Chews Comments Off

If, like our Labrador / German Sheppard cross George, your dog can get through a fair number of chews in a week, you may find that it becomes quite an expensive habit (though less expensive than if the target of the chewing is your shoes or furniture!). We've searched before to try and find the best price we can for his favourite pressed rawhide chews, and find some local pet shops or even garden centres can give reasonable prices - but still not great. Which is why I have been looking to find somewhere to buy dog chews in bulk. Even buying his favourite 10" rawhide cigars(!) in packs of 5 from our local big pet store - they were 79p each. However, I have found somewhere at last that I can wholeheartedly recommend. I'd never thought of eBay as being a good source of dog chews - which was silly as I am a habitual eBay buyer. I found one or two possibilities, tried one that would sell me 75 of the 10" rawhide chews (which is bulk enough for me) with free delivery, with each chew being 33p each - which is much more like what I was hoping for! The eBay store in question is Maltbys Stores Of Hull (established in 1904 apparently) - and they were very good. Free delivery within 48 hours (though mine were with me in 24 - ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday) and George loves them - but not as much as I like the price! If you are looking for dog chews in bulk, I'd give them a go. I've listed some of their offers below:

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